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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Thursday Three from Down Under

Today's questions came from a Possumblog regular that hails from the other end of the planet. Here's the questions and my responses.
1) Here, it is the first day of autumn - Wednesday 1st of March. However, in some parts of the world, the new seasons do not arrive until the 19th of the month, or later; due to large cattle breeds called solstices and equinoxes that issue huge amounts of methane, which increases global warming and makes the seasons run late. Question: what is your favourite season, and why?
Favorite season? Hmm. Winter, with its related snow and trips to go skiing, could it be my favorite? Maybe but winter also brings early darkness and generally limited time outdoors. Spring? Is it a better season? Somehow spring means excess amounts of yardwork- raking up al the leaves left over from fall and the piles of dog poop that has collected throughout the winter. There's always busted sprinkler lines to fix which means digging in the mud and making repairs while working on my knees. All that fixup-cleanup in the spring means a sore back to me even if I don't undertake some new landscaping project. What about fall then, could it be my favorite season? It is pretty with the color changes in the lanscaping and flora and its pleasant to be outside because summer's extreme heat is gone leaving really pleasant temperatures. Until it turns wet and cold and I have to put the scooter away until spring returns. So that just leaves summer, and I guess on the whole, its my favorite season. The temperature is cool in the mornings and hot before lunch and daylight seems to last until bedtime so there seems to be enough time to get everything done. The spring homeowner chores are mostly done and just the routine watering and mowing of the grass is usually required. Its good scooter or motorcycle riding time and it’s a perfect time for going to the desert for shooting fun. There seems to be enough time to sit in the shade and read a book just for fun as well. So I guess summer might have to be my favorite season. Ask me tomorrow, maybe my answer will change!
2) When you started your weblog, did you deliberate over whether to choose a nom-de-blog or use your real identity? What swayed you either way?
I never even gave any thought to blogging anonomously. I figured that I have an opinion and a forum and I'm not afraid of putting my name on my opinions and attitudes. My spousal unit believes that I tell too much personal information on this little bit of cyberspace- see repeated references to my pending colo-rectal surgery but that hasn't ever been a problem. Its part of my life and that's what I'm sharing here, my opinions and my life.
3) Discussing religion, politics or sex has always been impolite at cocktail parties, because of the risk of embarrassing face-to-face arguments. However, this is not a cocktail party, but a blog. And since the whole point of a blog is to have robust discussions, make a comment on the first thing that comes to your mind about religion, politics or sex. Pour yourself a martini first, if it helps. Don't forget the olive.
First, no martini thanks. Most any other libation- yes please. Bring two! I'm with Terry concerning my positions on religion, politics and sex; my positions have changed over the years on each subject. Two political opinions that have been floating through my cranium for a couple weeks are these: 1) I think that there should be no campaigning allowed until 6 months prior to any election. None. Primaries begin at 5 months out from election day so candidates get just one month to announce, fund raise and campaign before primaries. Early starting results in disqualification. 2) I think that if you are an elected official and you announce your candidacy for another position, you must also announce the immediate surrender of the position you were elected to. I cannot believe that any current candidate for an election that is 21 months away is honestly representing their constituents. If I were one of those persons that voted for an already announced candidate, I would feel mighty ripped off and I might feel that my senator or congressperson really didn't have my best interest at heart. Finally, John McCain will never be my candidate until he repeals McCain-Feingold laws!

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